It’s no secret that building a business is really hard. I’ve spent over 20 years starting and scaling digital businesses in the Fintech and Digital Media industry. Some have been very successful and some have failed. I started this blog to give other entrepreneurs and leaders a view into my personal experience, including those of my friends and colleagues too. My hope is that this content provides some helpful tips and insights that can make your journey as an entrepreneur or leader a little smoother than mine! 

Daren Trousdell is the Founder & CEO of NowVertical Group Inc., a Data Analytics Software and Services Holding Company. Daren is also the Co-Founder of Clip Money Inc., the innovative platform that enables Small Businesses to make business deposits at their favorite retailers. Daren is a regular speaker and contributor to the Canadian and US Fintech industry covering new technologies, consumer products and growth marketing methods, tools and strategies.  

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